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¡La ultima y nos vamos !

April 7, 2015
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One for the road

Mexico is known as an atmosphere of celebration almost for any reason. Mexicans use almost anything as an excuse for a party or gathering; it’s part of our culture. So many idioms are related to the party in Spanish, like “ir de parranda” that would be the same in English to “paint the town red”, which will be a topic on the following articles of Effortless Spanish phrases.

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¡La gota que derramo el vaso!

April 7, 2015
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Mexican phrase

Greetings, Effortless Spanish members! Thank you for following these articles and I hope you like them and they become something new to learn and practice your Spanish online.

The Spanish expression “la gota que derramo el vaso” is a very popular way in Mexico to say that’s enough! Or to put limits on each one of our patience. In our daily life, it is normal to withstand certain levels of stress and disappointing attitudes or tolerate people who are in our social, family or work circle.

When these negative attitudes or situations generated a high level of stress or exceed our capacity of tolerance, there are expressions that show our limits very clearly and “La gota que derramo el vaso” is one of them.

This expression is equivalent in English to “the straw that broke the camel´s back

Sometimes in social interaction, there are frustrating things or negative situations generated by third parties or sometimes by ourselves. These have been accumulated and tolerated patiently for some considerable time, as much as we would be filling a glass with water slowly.

But at the moment that we are not willing to tolerate anything more, that would be as much like having the glass of water at full capacity. Then a little thing happens again, which makes us explode and try to set limits. This action would be like a drop of water that made the water spilling out of the glass. Then we use this expression “La gota que derramo el vaso”.

But doing an analysis from a very personal point of view, it would be very easy to take literally the meaning of this old saying or expression. For when this glass of water or tolerance container to call it some how, spills, it happened because we allowed it to fill for some time.

Knowing that it would be very easy to exceed its capacity, it would have been preferable to prevent the spillage by not filling it with too much water. This would prevent our tolerance container from reaching its capacity and spilling. Making that any situation, no matter how small would overcome our patience.

This makes me think about how easy it is to blame things or situations for their consequences and not by their origin.

Whenever a situation is out of control and we want to put limits, it is a consequence of inappropriately tolerating actions that led us to that level of wear. Being patient and tolerant in excess its like trying to fill a glass with water thinking it will never spill.

Okay, I really hope you like this article and to listening the audio about this topic will help you understand in a comprehensive way, the meaning of the expression “la gota que derramo el vaso”.

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