¡La ultima y nos vamos !

April 7, 2015
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One for the road

Mexico is known as an atmosphere of celebration almost for any reason. Mexicans use almost anything as an excuse for a party or gathering; it’s part of our culture. So many idioms are related to the party in Spanish, like “ir de parranda” that would be the same in English to “paint the town red”, which will be a topic on the following articles of Effortless Spanish phrases.

The expression “la última y nos vamos” is used in most of the times sarcastically compared to last drink or cocktail before we leave a party on a bar or restaurant in Mexico. This expression is actually a sarcasm, since the “last drink” is the perfect excuse to stay a while longer enjoying the place before retiring. It is very common that if we are at a party and our escort does not want to leave the site, say with a distinct air of sarcasm “la ultima y nos vamos”.

When we learn a second language, Spanish in this case it is very important to understand the meaning or interpretation of expressions and idioms of the target language. It would be a great advantage for the student to know and use this expression in a conversation with a native speaker of Spanish. Also in matters of work or business after the meeting with a nice deal, almost certainly to hear “la ultima y nos vamos” instead of a “there´s nothing more to talk about”.

In northern Mexico there is an idiom that means the same or has a similar sense, in meetings where alcoholic drinks are involved, it is common to hear the phrase “nos tomamos las camineras” and we leave, this expression or idiom means making your way home after the last drink.

If I had to give an equivalent in meaning to this phrase in English would be “one for the road”. Perhaps the reason for that in northern Mexico take the “camineras” and “one for the road” in Spanish and English idioms have the same meaning.

To understand a little more about the expression “la ultima y nos vamos” please listen to the MP3 audio where you will hear a short introduction in English and an explanation in Spanish about key words and vocabulary of this topic.

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